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Preschool Age Workshops

All of our programs can be adapted to suit the interests and understanding of
preschool aged children.

Mad Science Preschool Programs are engaging hands-on learning experiences for children aged 4-6. Each workshop is an interactive, age-appropriate exploration of a specific science topic. From air, our animal friends and butterflies to water, weather and worms, each themed program is designed to captivate the curious nature of young children. Preschoolers enjoy engaging demonstrations, perform simple experiments and will discover how science can help us better understand the world around us!

Our workshops last 30 to 45 minutes, but the interest they spark can last a lifetime. Each program comes with a complimentary Teacher Resource Package to help educators maximize the learning experience.


View our entire list of preschool age (4-6) programs below,
or click HERE for our other preschool age offerings.

Adventures in Air

Learn how air is used and why it is important in our lives. Make a tornado right in the classroom and learn how airplanes use air to fly! You even get to take home your very own cloud climber.

Animal Friends

Did you hear that? What animal is that? Learn to identify different animals by the noises they make. Discover how animals change as they group up. Finally, everyone makes their very own animal mask to take home.

Color Lab

We will introduce your preschoolers to the exciting world of colors. Who is Roy G. Biv and why is he important? How are rainbows made? What are primary colors? Answer these questions and more, plus, you get to take home your own rainbow maker!


Future paleontologists will discover the unique science of excavating fossils. Meet some of our dinosaur friends as we learn about fossilization, carnivores, herbivores, and many other "Jurassic" explorations!

Eye to Eye

Did you know your eyes sometimes play tricks on you? We will explore how we see things by using magnifying glasses, kaleidoscopes, and telescopes. You'll never LOOK at your eyes the same way again!

Human Body

What keeps your body together and moving? Your bones and muscles! See how your muscles move and put together your own skeleton! Pretend to be a blood cell traveling through an artery and follow its path through the body.

Keep In Touch

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you couldn't see? Could you figure out what something is just by touching it? Find out how important your sense of touch is in this workshop where all you can use is your hands!

Lights On

Have you ever looked behind you on a sunny day? What do you see? Your shadow! Shadows are really hard to catch, but watch us catch it for just a minute in this class. Plus, find out the mystery behind white light!

Listen Closely

Using your sense of sound, try to figure out what's inside our mystery eggs! Learn how special effect sounds are made for the movies and even try to make some on your own. Finally, we will form our own rock band and learn how sound, pitch, and volume affect music.

Mad Mixtures

Be a real Mad Scientist and concoct a crazy explosion! Watch colors burst right before your very eyes and make a color mixer to take home with you!

Magnetic Attraction

Learn about the invisible force that surrounds a magnet known as the "magnetic field." Find out what kinds of materials are attracted or repelled by magnets. Then, make your own refrigerator magnet to take home!

Space Frontiers

Be an astronaut on our space mission exploring the solar system. Learn the different planets and all about the stars in the sky. Bring home your own squeeze rocket to blast off on your own imaginary mission to the cosmos!

Tate and Smell

Test your nose! can you figure out what something is just by smelling it? Discover the taste buds and test your tasting skills with sweet, salty, sour, and bitter flavors. Then, create your own scented painting to take home!

Water Works

Why do some things float and others sink? Which kinds of things soak up (absorb) better than others? What in the world is surface tension? Why does it rain? These questions and more are answered in this class about how wondrous water works.

Weather Wonders

Learn about the different kinds of weather. Learn how to use a thermometer to tell temperature. Why is there wind? Create your own windsock to see how hard and from which direction the wind is blowing.

World of Worms

What is it like to be a worm? Learn how worms move, eat, breath, and much more. What is compost and how does it relate to worms? Learn all this and continue the experience by making a terrarium to take home your very own pet earthworm!


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