Our Half-Day Camp Themes


My First Lab (Pre school)

The camp is a great introduction to your Pre-K child. Young Campers explore the stares of matter, uncover the secrets that makes chemicals reactions with household acids and bases,build molecules,learn the science behind magiic,become paleontologists by searching for fossils,create there very own silly putty,and finally,take an exciting mission to explore the palnets,moons and stars!


Junior Doctors and Forensic Science

Kids have a "Rockin" good time at this rocket camp as they learn all about the purpose and function of rockets.How are they built? what is the function of each part? Throughout the week, campers experiment with different kinds of propulsion systems and "launch" their knowledge of flight as they blast-off,track,and recover different kinds of rockets.


Secret Agent Lab

This program features fun-filled, hands-on, secret agent-themed science activities that allow kids to play detective, explore forensic science, sharpen their surveillance skills, and crack encrypted messages. Kids become super sleuths!


3,2,1.... Blast Off!

This program focuses on rockets and the physics of rocket flight. After learning the model rocket safety code, campers build ten different types of rockets and participate in the launching of 6 different rockets.


Jr Scientists

Every day~ you will launch into a new theme!\nBlast into outer space and explore our universe with NASA! Then roll into how structures and bridges are built...JR Architect and Engineers. Compare clues and solve crimes with Detective Science. Work with incredible chemicals and reactions as a real-live scientist in crazy chem works.And finally,dig some fun with digging for dino's~Jr Palentology!!


NASA Journey into Outer Space

Set your future space explorers on a trajectory from our Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system! This hands-on program brings them closer to the stars, planets, comets, and more. They learn about living in space, getting away from gravity, looking for space phenomena, and they participate in a rocket launch!


Spy Academy

Look out 007-the Mad science Spy academy is here! From decoding messages to metal deectors and night vision,campers will have the oppurtunity to check out spy tech equpment and take home lots of gadgets like spy glasses! Campers then step into the shoes of a dective during a hands-on look at the "crime scene" as they learn how forensic science is involved in evidence gathering and analysis.


Chemicals, Cells & Crime

Children explore the inside of the body and learn about the organ systems and the cells that it's composed of. They discover cool chemical reactions, and how to solve a crime, in this hands-on summer science adventure!


Red Hot Robots

Children learn about the uses of robots in our world and spend time experimenting with super cool red-hot robots. They discover the science of circuits and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. They build their very own working robot to take home with them!


Radical Reactions and Detective Science

In this weeklong program,campers will have tons of fun mixing up potions and experimenting with all kinds of chemical reactions! Young chemists will grow crystals.Students will also become science sleuths as they investigate how chemistry provides evidence at the scene of a crime.During hands-on detective work,children will gather and test crime scene clues,make and analyze their own fingerprints.


The Garden (Preschool)

This five-session preschool camp offers young children (ages 3-5) an exciting introduction to basic environmental science. With each session, children enrich their understanding of how living things grow and how they interact with the environment around them, through different aspects of the garden.


Mad Machines and Junior Engineers

Whether your child loves to build things or destroy them,this week of camp includes lots of both!Jr engineers will design and build bridges using only simple tools.Kids will discover how many different machines simple & complex,we use in our daily lives.Campers use simple machines such as pulleys,wedges,screws & levers after use more complex ones with soccer playing,line tracking Mad Science robot


Rockin Rockets

Kids have a" Rockin" good time at this camp as they learn all about the purpose and function of rockets.How are they built? What is the function of each part ? Throughout the week,campers experiment with different kinds of propulsion systems and "launch" their knowledge of flight as they blast-off,and recover different kinds of rockets.


Animal Kingdom (Pre School)

Become a wildlife expert as you discover the amazing Animal Kingdom! Find out where worms like to go and what butterflies eat when they're hungry. Get out your shovel and paintbrush as you uncover prehistoric dinosaur fossils. Discover how you fit into the whole kingdom as you discover parts of the human body.


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