Virtual Summer Camps

Our camps have been designed for the online world while keeping that special Mad Science vibe.
Each day starts with exciting demonstrations and hands-on experiments focused on the days theme.we start kids working on custom-designed, at-home projects that will keep them engaged and striking that delicate balance of on-screen off-screen projects.

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4 kids in a field running with a tree in the background.  one boy in a blue shirt is holding a toy airplane

Loop Lab:Social Distancing Special

We know hoe hard it is to works from home and occupy your kids at the same time.Let Mad Science Loop lab help you edu-tain your kids while schools are closed.The social distancing special includes 3 STEM boxes a free lab coat, and free shipping for $99 when you code LABCOAT43 to claim.

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Birthday Parties Idea

Stuck inside and can’t figure out how to create a special birthday for your child? Is your grandchild itching for a long distance package from you to make their once a year celebration spectacular? Are you running out of ideas? Let us help! We have virtual party options.

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Birthday cake decorated with colorful sprinkles and ten candles

At Home Science Experiments

It's important that children continue to learn and explore the world of science while schools are closed! In an effort to support parents with at-home learning.We've compiled a list of at-home experiments that you can do with your kids during this time.Usually easily accessibly ingredients that you most likely already have in your home, family time

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2 girls in a Mad Science lab coats,safety gloves and safety goggles making a home made milk shake that is overflowing on the

In Class Field-Trip,Fun Stations,Workshops

Our In-Class Field Trip Workshops programs are as fun as they are educational.Our hands-on Science programs cover different science topics including electricity,rocket science,optical illusions,sonic sounds,detective science and more.They are perfect way to get hands-on with what your'e teaching in the classroom!

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Boy drops something into orange beaker using a pipette in a lab while 3 little girls watch all wearing safety goggles