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Mad Science special events are flexible and can be customized to suit your needs, schedule, budget, or audience size.

Shows are held at the location of your choice and are up to 45 minutes in length.



Brief descriptions of spectacular shows:


Fire and Ice – Children will be dazzled and entertained as they interact with our Mad Scientists!  Foggy dry ice storms, giant beach balls floating in the air and even a special Mad Science “burp” potion will amaze children as they learn about chemical reactions, air pressure and the states of matter.

Up, Up and Away! – This spellbinding special event introduces children to the principles of air and pressure. Hot air balloons, vortex generators and even a hovercraft will help children understand the power of air.

Spin, Pop Boom – The audience will be amazed when the Mad Scientist is able to defy gravity in this energetic and spectacular special event. Didgeridoo tubes, foaming hands and steaming chemical reactions will introduce children to a world of exciting chemistry.

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Mad Science Assembly Shows

Mad Science Assembly Shows are spectacular science-themed shows designed to amaze and entertain young audiences of any size. Children can conjure foggy dry ice storms, float on a Mad Science hovercraft, watch a foam factory at work, create super bouncy balls, make magic mad, alter sound waves, and so much more!

Mad Science Events are ideal for school assemblies, corporate events and community centers, and can be customized to suit any group size, budget or time frame. From scoutting banquets to libraries and corporate picnics, Mad Science is a unique way to entertain an audience!


 Mad Science Events are...

  • Spectacular and Captivating!
  • Highly Interactive!
  • Educational and Entertaining!
  • Age - appropriate (3-6 and 7-12 years)


Special Event Descriptions

 ABC's of Science (3-6 year olds)

Treat your young scientists to a fun, entertaining and educational experience. This high energy assembly mixes scientific experimentsand illusion specially geared to the learning styles and age-appropriate needs of the 3-6 year old child. We will teach them the meaning of "experiment" and they will see many "chemical changes" from making water disappear to watching "Alien Emily" be transformed into an icky, sticky mess. They will learn the importance of safety while watching the "Mad Scientist" mix together a batch of slippery slime and tasting a "Mad Science burp."  (This show is 35 minutes in length)

 Fire and Ice (7-12 year olds)

This presentation is designed to introduce science to elementary age children. In it, the Mad Scientist will use simple but exciting science experiments and demonstrations to involve your group in the discovery process of science. They will learn how to make a "scientific hypothesis" and how to test that hypothesis using "experimentation." Included in the event will be experiments involving air pressure, flash paper, Eggbert and dry ice. These will also be some opportunities for members of the audience to participate in a few of the experiments. This is our #1 show enjoyed by children of all ages!! The show is very visual and works well in front of any size crowd. (This show is 45 minutes in length)

 Up, Up and Away (7-12 year olds)

This presentation is designed for large groups in an auditorium setting. This is a larger and flashier show that the "standard" show. This event will capture the audiences' interest and show how exciting science can be. Included in the show are a variety of eye-popping demonstrations and experiments. There will be plenty of opportunity for hands-on audience participation in this event. Some of the topics and demonstrations include the three states of matter, air pressure, a hot air balloon, the Mad Science Hovercraft and a giant size vortex generator. This show is very visually exciting, has lots of audience participation! (This show is up to 45 minutes in length)

 Spin, Pop, Boom (7-12 year olds)

This presentation is designed for small groups (up to 50 children). This colorful chemistry based show involves exciting science experiments and demonstrations to involve your group in the discovery process of science. Included in the event includes many exciting experiments including the "Fantastic Flying Foam Factory:. There will also be some audience participation. Spectacular experiments spark the children's curiosity and highlight the very best of Mad Science. (This show is 45 minutes in length)

 Fuzzi, Fizzi, Fizzics (7-12 years olds...Outdoor show!!!)

This presentation is designed for small groups (up to 75 children). This is an outdoor show perfect for your outdoor company picnic, block party, pool party, or held under a pavillion next to open fields.  Witness some amazing che-mystery and physics wowing interactive demonstrations that are jammed with scientific phenomenon and cool efects.  Then take to the skies as this introduction to rocketry explains how and why rockets fly. You'll witness a real model rocket launch that soars several hundred feet into the air and deploys a parachute for its safe return. * Outdoor show - if weather is inclement Mad Science will send a substitute show. (This show is up to 45 minutes in length)

 Halloween Show (All ages)

Are you looking for the perfect touch of spookiness for your Halloween event this year? Our Mad Science Halloween themed show is just the thing. This presentation will have your audience gasping and laughing at the Mad Scientist's peculiar and chilling science experiments. Hear the tales of Count Eggbert and Countess Eggberta as they battle the wicked witch. Watch as the wicked witch is melted right before your eyes! The audience will find out how the seemingly sane Mr. Bernoulli helped the Mad Scientist float an eyeball in the air. Then, as the grand finale, the Mad Scientist will introduce the audience to the eerie world of Dry Ice, making bubbling potions and lots of fearsome fog. All will have an evening of gruesome goodness and fun. (This show is up to 45 minutes in length)

 Winter Holiday Show (All ages)

Are you looking for the perfect touch of winter fun to add to your holiday event? Our Mad Science Winter Holiday Show is just the thing! This presentation will have your audience gasping and laughing at the Mad Scientist's exciting and merry science experiments. Through a mixture of science and magic the children will see a playing card vanish only to reappear again neatly gift-wrapped! Kids will hear how Eggbert became Santa's helper and will help the Mad Scientist get Eggbert through a chimney using science. Watch as our special Snowman is de-frosted right before their eyes! The audience will discover how Jack Frost can fill an eight-foot air bag with one breath. Then, as a grand finale, the Mad Scientist will introduce the audience to a mysterious North Pole rock that turns out to be Dry Ice. Using the Dry Ice, the Mad Scientist will make bubbling potions, popping corks and clouds of fog. All will have an evening of giddy goodness and festive fun! (This show is up to 45 minutes in length)

 * You can also add a "Make and Take" project on to any of the shows listed above.

Make and Take home Slippery Slime, Sticky Silly Putty, Super Science Bouncy Balls, Cotton Candy and much more!!


Call Mad Science Today!

     Toll Free 866-530-6855


Family Science Night / Science Fair /Discovery Day


We are excited to introduce a brand new science program for your school!

Mad Science's Family Science Night / Science Fair is ready to come to your school.

Your entire Science Fair can be planned with one phone call. 

Each curriculum correlated Science Fair is two hours in length.

Fairs can be held between the hours of 4:00 - 8:00 pm on week nights. (Weekend scheduling is available upon request.)


These packages include: 
Science Shows - A fascinating 30-45 minute standard aligned spectacular science show.


Science Stations and Make & Take Booths - After the show, students and parents will rotate through our fun science stations.


To schedule your Science Fair call toll-free at (866) 530-6855 or

To print a flyer, click here.


Mad Science Fun Science Stations

Hands-on Science Booth

  • Great for anywhere there is a table and a crowd of excited children

  • Suitable for groups of    50-1000+ children

  • Designed for children ages 3-12 years

  • Come equipped with fun and exciting hands-on science activities. Children actively participate in the scientific method!!

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor activties and carnival type events

  • Can last from 2 hours to a full day in length

  • Many of the stations have "take homes" so the fun and learning can continue at home!


Some of the FUN topics available:

Slippery Slime                                  Dry Ice Bubbling Potions

Dinosaur Dig                                      Panning for GEMS

Super Science Bouncy Ball               Building Molecules

Periscope Building                            Cotton Candy Science

Film Canister Cannons                      Acid & Base Reactions

and many more!!

Are you a family friendly employer?

Let Mad Science impress your audience with an unforgettable experience!!

Our Special Events entertain families through Spectacular Shows, Fun Stations and Sensational Workshops.

Whatever your needs may be, we’ll captivate your audience and deliver an extraordinary experience!!

Mad Science Special Events...

Come to your Corporate Event, Holiday Party or Picnic

Are suitable for larger groups (20-1000+ children)

Entertain children ages 3 - 12

Range from 45 minutes to a full day in length

Offer theme programming

GUARANTEE your satisfaction!

 Spectacular Shows

Theses are thrilling, fast-paced, high-energy science presentations that will dazzle the whole family!

Fun Stations

Our fascinating science booths come equipped with fun and exciting hands-on science activities that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor activties or carnival-type events. Children can... ge slimed, make Mad Science putty, create super-science bouncy balls, build preiscopes and lots more! Plus they can even make cotton candy!

Sensationally Fun Science Workshops

Children will learn all about the exciting wonders of science in groups as they rotate from one workshop to another.

Some of our clients:

  • American Lung Association
  • Border’s Books
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Coca-Cola
  • Discovery Channel
  • DuPont
  • Federal Express
  • Goodyear Tire
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Pepsi
  • Pfizer
  • Re/Max
  • Rorher Pharmaceutical
  • Sprint
  • YMCA
  • YWCA
  •  “

    "Mad Science really LIVENS up our holiday parties. The kids keep going back to see what’s new to discover! Their staff is very professional and friendly." 

    Claudia Best, Executive Administrator Pepsi Bottling Group (Seattle, Washington)

    Want to Offer Innovative, Exciting Science Programs To Your Troop, Den or Pack?
    Invite Mad Science to your Next Meeting!

    Mad Science is a creative education supplement for children in grades K-6

    Our Mission is to spark the imaginations of children everywhere by providing interesting, interactive science experience by offering a variety of exciting programs to schools, libraries, museums, fairs, childrens organizations and scouting groups.
    Mad Science Programs are:

    Highly Interactive
    Fascinating science demonstrations such as checmical reactions, bubbling potions and even a air-pressure powered hovercraft.

    Action Packed
    A non-stop barrage of exciting and visually stimulating
    experiments and demonstrations.

    Grade Appropriate
    Each presenttation is tailored tot he age of the chldren present

    Call for pricing and ask about discounts for multiple presentations


    Whether you are looking for content for your next meeting or want to bring more excitement to a camp blue and gold dinner or jamboree, Mad Science offers a complete range of flexible and affordable presentations.

    Call our office for more information!

    Toll Free 866-578-4052



    CLICK HERE for more information on Girl Scout Programs

    CLICK HERE for more information on Boy Scout Programs



    Scouts Programs

    Some of the correlations between MAD SCIENCE PROGRAMMING &
    CUB SCOUTS of AMERICA rank requirements
    » Bears
    • Space…the Final Frontier could be used as a primer for Space Track (Arrow Point Trail)
    • Electricity and Magnets workshops combined will cover all of the requirements for Electricity (Arrow Point Trail)
    • Rocket Building could be used for the Build a model (Bear Trail)
    • Where is the Air? cover some of the requirements for Aircraft (Arrow Point Trail)
    • Black and Blue Oceans could be used for Water Conservation (Arrow Point Trail)
    » Webelos
    • Mineral Mania will completely earn a scout his Geologist Badge (Outdoor Group)
    • Lights, Color, Action! plus Chromatography completely satisfy the five requirements for the Artist Activity Badge
    • Rocket Demo and Optical Illusions cover three of the activities towards the Scientist Badge (Technology Group).
    » Wolf
    • Black and Blue Oceans could be used for Your Living World
    • Rocket Building covers most of the requirements for Make it Yourself (Arrow Point Trail)




    "The Mad Scientist always captivates the children's attention with an abundance of enthusiam and humor. It is truly entertainment for young and old alike."

    Diane Rackham, Customer Service Representative Johnson & Johnson (Markham, Ontario)


    MAD SCIENCE Programming for

    We offer a set of one-hour, hands-on Science Workshops to help Brownie and Junior troops complete the following requirements and badges:
    » Try-It's » Mad Science Workshops
    Earth & Sky Mineral Mania
    Earth is Home Black and Blue Oceans
    Movers Where is the Air
    Science In Action Matter of Fact/
    Lights, Color, Action/
    Harnessing Heat/ Magnets
    Science Wonders What’s Up / Magnets
    Senses Seeking our Senses /
    Tantalizing Taste /
    Optical Illusions
    Space Space the Final Frontier
    Making Music Sonic Sounds
    Women in Science Women in Science
    » Junior Badges » Mad Science Workshops
    Aerospace Rocket launching (2 sessions) /
    Stunt Planes
    Making it Matter Slime / Electricity/
    Acids & Bases
    Oil Up Black and Blue Oceans
    Rocks Rock Mineral Mania / Dinosaurs
    Science Discovery Optical Illusions / Magnetic Magic / Mineral Mania
    Science in Everyday Life Light, Color, Action!/
    Magnetic Magic
    Science Sleuth Sonic Sounds / Matter of Fact /
    Electricity / Light, Color, Action! /
    Wacky Waves
    Sky Search Space the Final Frontier



    Library Programs

    We bring fun science to your local library branch! Already on a major tour of the New Castle County libraries and also working with the Delaware and Chester County libraries, you can experience our spectacular stage shows and hands-on science funshops at a library location near you! Ask your local library to book us for an exciting fun science event!"







    Check out ourIn-Class Workshops
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